china wholesaler Worm Gear Winch (HP-15FP) manufacturers

Product Description

Design: HP-15FP
Descriptions: HP-15FP Worm Gear Winch, 1500lb, Large Drum, Cable/Strap Optional, CZPT CZPT pean CZPT
Load: 1500 lb
Ratio: ninety.24: 1
Coloration: Black main, other colors also avaliable
STD Packing(device): 1/learn carton, 75/ pallet
Shipping and delivery CZPT ght(kg): twelve/learn carton, 930/ pallet
Mini. Buy: 1 carton


Multipurpose. CZPT ing, supporting and hauling products with hand-driver.

Security and reliability. Simple end in any place with self-lock.

Lubrication. Factory lubrication prior to packaging.

Optional drums. A few choices CZPT : Solitary drum, split drum or widened drum.

Serial model. Fit with various rated load.

Tremendous performance. Solid worm with heat-taken care of gear helps make the mechanism distinctive trustworthy and resilient.

Clean generate. Oil-retaining bushings or bearing for easy generate.

Durable surface area complete. Powder-coated surface area in addition zinc-plating for CZPT er corrosion resistance.

Type Rated Load
 (the initial layer of cable on the hub,
the final layer of cable on the hub)
Ratio Hub Dia. (mm) Hub Potential of rope
 (rope Dia. x Length )
Total Dimension
(Duration x Width x Peak mm)
Take care of
Size ( mm )
Fat (Kg)
H-15FP 680Kg(1500lbs) 309Kg(68lbs)   41:1 Ô forty seven 1/4″ three/sixteen” 1/8″ 6.35mm four.76mm 3.17mm 185X152 4.7
17ft. 29ft. 60ft. 5m 9m 18m X190

china  wholesaler Worm Gear Winch (HP-15FP) manufacturers