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Worm gear winch and how it works

Multiple types

Winches come in different types such as electrical winches, hybrid winches, portable winches, mechanical drum-style winches, mechanical hand-operated winches, etc. Each of the different winch types has different ways to function, but they all similarly work the same way. In some ways, even though they work differently, their uses overlap with each other. 

working principle

Winches are actually very simple on how it works. It is merely a cable or a rope wrapped around the drum and operated by a crank. With the advent of technological progress, the simple principle of the winch has evolved. It has taken a more modern and complicated appearance to meet the demands of the current time. 


Featured Pets

Hand Winch – Worm Gear – Hex Drive – 1,500 lbs

Heavy Duty Worm Gear Hand Winch Crank Strap Gear

WG2000 Worm Gear Winch | Loop Drive | Std. Reel

Worm Gear Hand Winch – 25′ Wire Rope – 2,000 lbs

Worm gear winches

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Why choose our group?

There are many reasons why you are welcome to choose our group as your winch supplier. First of all, our company promises you the best quality at a low price. For example, our winches are stable and beautifully painted. A narrow wire winch makes low noise possible. The winch parts are stocked at the factory, so you won’t have to wait too long if you need a replacement. So far, our company has become a leading winch supplier in China, and has established a stable customer base around the world, most of which have established long-term cooperative relationships. The third is to win a good reputation among customers.

Advantages Of Worm Winch

  • When transport loads, driver and driven wheel cannot change place, in other words, it means that driver can only drive loads in single direction.
  •  The maintenance cost of worm gear type winch is low because that it need not any oil.
  • Low noise. Worm gear winches produce less noise when operated.
  • Stable. Worm gear transmission winch is stable than gear winch.
  • The transmission ratio of worm gear winch is higher than gear winch.
  • Because of it can self-locked in some condition, it is needed.

Warning And Safety Roles

Do not use to lift or move people. If your task involves moving or lifting people, you must use the proper equipment, not this winch.

Winch operators must be trained in the proper, safe operation of the winch.

Cable anchors on SUNFIELD Winches are not designed to hold the rated load of the winch. You must keep at least five (5) wraps of cable on the drum to insure that the cable doesn’t come loose.

Stay clear of suspended loads and of cable under tension. A broken cable or dropped load can cause serious injury or death.