china wholesaler Shenxi Traction Hoist /Winch with CE Certification manufacturers

Solution Description

Shenxi is the top manufacturer of traction hoist in CZPT with 30+ a long time history.

Use: Traction hoist is the CZPT ed unit of the suspended system. 
And now it is broadly used for putting in elevators ( carry) and support carry for wind turbine tower, such as carry the observe and supplies, as the CZPT ed unit for lifting the elevator installation system/service lift.

In contrast with electrical winch/hoist, it has electromagnetic brake. It is safer.   

Operating theory: The traction hoist Consists of electromagnetic brake motor, centrifugal speed limiter and dual pace reduction technique and “α ” or  “s “cable-guiding method. The hoist is pushed by the electromagnetic brake, three-period asynchronous motor through the CZPT and a pair of lowered gears. The metal wire rope goes by means of the rope guiding technique to raise the system or any other load.

“α “cable-guiding program               “S “cable-guiding system

Technological Parameter

Model LTD3 LTD5 LTD6.three LTD8 a/s LTD10S
Rated lifting power 3KN 6.3KN 6.3KN 8KN 10KN
Rated load ability 300kg 630kg 630kg 800kg 1000kg
Speed  7-9m/min  nine-11m/min  9-11m/min  eight-10m/min  eight-10m/min 
Motor Model YEJ80S-four YEJ90L-four YEJ90L-four YEJ90/100L-4 YEJ100L-4
Power .75KW 1.5 KW 1.5 KW 1.8/2.2 KW 3KW
Stage 3 Stage 3 Section 3 Phase three Section three Phase
Velocity 1420 r/m 1420 r/m 1420 r/m 1420 r/m 1420 r/m
Brake power second 15 Nm fifteen Nm 15 Nm 15 Nm fifteen Nm

Basic safety Device

We propose you use hoist with each other with the safety lock, LSB30 or LSL30. The safety lock is the slide-arrest unit to avoid the risk brought by the damaged steel wire rope.

Electric powered Manage Technique

We have electric control panel to management one particular hoist, two hoist and multiple hoist.
And for solitary hoist, the control panel can be mounted to the hoist for the convenience. 


Worm gears are correct angle drives that provide big gear ratios with relatively short middle-to-centre distances from 1/4″ to 11″. When correctly installed and lubricated, they provide as the quietest, smoothest-running gear variety. Because worm gear drives can accomplish higher equipment ratios, highest reduction can be achieved in a smaller sized place than numerous other kinds of gear drives. The worm and worm equipment operate at a 90° angle on non-intersecting axes.
china  wholesaler Shenxi Traction Hoist /Winch with CE Certification manufacturers