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Item Description

Rated line pull: 9500lbs (4310 kgs) Solitary line.
Motor: Seires Wound 6. HP/4.4 kw, 12V DC.
Equipment Prepare: 3 Phase Planetary
Equipment Ratio: 216: one
Clutch Sliding Ring Equipment
Braking motion: CZPT matic in the drum
Fairlead: 4-way Roller Fairlead
Rope: synthetic rope 9.5mmX26m
Drum size: 2.5″X 9.” ( 64mm X 224mm)
Proportions: 23.”X6.6″X8.4″(552mm X 168mm X 214mm)
Mounting bolt sample: ten” X 4.5″ ( 254mm X 114.3mm)
Battery: CZPT mmended 650 CCA least for winching twenty five Sq. mm, seventy two” ( 1.83m)
N. W: 75lbs (34 kg)
Packing: 680mm X 360mm X 260mm / Carton

One twenty toes container addresses 324 cartons, If want, Use pallets.

Line speed and motor current (1st layer)
Line pull Lbs 2000 4000 6000 8000 9500
Kgs 907 1814 2722 3629 4310
Line pace FPM 35.four seventeen.1 thirteen 9.79 8.01 7.2
MPM ten.8 5.2 three.98 2.98 two.44 two.2
Motor current Amps eighty 140 200 260 310 350

How do truck winch gears operate?

Most electric powered winches on the market place today use a planetary gear program, which is similar to the gearing utilised for the automated transmission in your motor vehicle.

It is essentially a established of gears within a bigger gear. The “planetary” gears revolve about a “sunlight” equipment in the center.

The two other principal varieties of gears are spur gears and CZPT s, neither of which are commonly CZPT in offroad winches.

The spur gear is composed of a pair of gears, one particular larger than the other. The greater equipment connects to the motor shaft, and the smaller sized equipment connects to the winch shaft. Spur gears are CZPT , easy, and peaceful.

The CZPT is composed of a pinion and CZPT . It operates dependent on a line of make contact with fairly than a point of make contact with. Worm gears are typical for tow vans but are significantly slower than spur and planetary gears.

Lubrication is an critical element to enhance the effectiveness of worm equipment transmission. The worm gear action generates a good deal of heat, which minimizes efficiency. The electricity shipped at a offered temperature boosts with the transmission effectiveness. Suitable lubrication reduces friction and warmth, which increases efficiency.
china  supplier Used Truck Winches for Sale manufacturers