china Custom 1HP Two-Impeller Water Aerator for Aquaculture manufacturers

Solution Description

1HP Two-impeller water aerator for aquaculture

Major Areas:
one) CZPT (1HP, 3phase, 380~440V)
two) Reduced Friction Gear Reducer
3) 2 New PP Impellers
four) 2 HDPE Floats

Technical specs:
(1). Developed-in protector is CZPT to stop motor becoming burnt unintentionally.
(2). Low friction equipment reducer with reduced resistance to reduce power losses.
(3). Instead of CZPT s, arcuate-bevel gears are used and help save above twenty% electrical energy than traditional designs.
(4). The arcuate-bevel gear is created of chromium-manganese-titanium with carbon-nitride surface remedy, which assures CZPT utilization lifestyle spans and substantial rigidity.

(5). Strong stainless metal frame has no deformation and has large longevity.
(6). A mechanical seal is CZPT to stop oil leakage.
(7). HDPE floats have fantastic buoyancy and large toughness, resist impact, acid-alkalinity erosion and sunshine publicity.
(8). Nylon impellers, stainless steel transmission shafts and frames are CZPT .
(9). Adjustable shaft support, plastic plate.

(I)Enrich dissolved oxygen to avert shrimp, fish, eel or other aquatic merchandise from dying brought on by deficiency of oxygen, specially in poor weather conditions.
(ii) Improve water present to make shrimp, fish and other aquatic goods grow far more quickly and healthly.
(iii) Enhance water top quality, reduce algae, boost fish health & expansion, lessen hazardous dissolved gases and clarify drinking water.

Design HP Phase Voltage Impellers Oxygen Transfer 20/40/40H
Container Load
YC0.seventy five 1 3 380V~440V two one.5kg/h 80/185/two hundred

Ep Gear’s worm gears use correct-angle (90°) non-intersecting shafts to provide an efficient resolution for power transmission apps necessitating large reduction ratios in confined spaces. When correctly used, worm gears supply the smoothest and quietest sort of transmission. Considering that the performance of a worm drive relies upon on the lead angle and the quantity of stars on the worm – since efficiency is usually the objective, this ratio should be kept as low as attainable. To operate effectively, the worm and worm gear used jointly have to have the same diameter, pitch and thread.
china  Custom 1HP Two-Impeller Water Aerator for Aquaculture manufacturers