china Cost Excellent Quality Hydraulic Concrete Mixers with Winch manufacturers

Product Description

Exceptional Quality CZPT ulic Concrete Mixers With Winch

Self Loading Concrete Mixer is a sort of multifunctional machinery which combines the transit mixer, concrete mixer and wheel loader collectively. It can immediately load, evaluate, mix and discharge concrete combination. The automated loading mixer truck can load concrete resources these kinds of as stones, sand, cement, and water into the mixing tank by by itself. It can intelligently and accurately calculation, precise management of water ingestion and feed volume. The mixing tank can be rotated 180 ° or 290 ° or 360 °, generating the discharge much more accurate and convenient.
This machine has upgraded the bucket down purpose to really understand the function of a multi-function loader. at the exact same time, the brake caliper will increase the braking functionality and is eauipped with large-pressure auto washing to preserve the tools cleanse. the enlarged h2o tank boosts the output.
the equipment actually realizes the multi-goal purpose of the loader, mixing operate of the mixer, transportation operate, auto wash and so on.  

Most Common CZPT Variety Parameter

Model NS1200 NS2000 NS2400  NS3500
Mixing bucket capacity one.2cbm two.0cbm two.4cbm three.5cbm
Mixing bucket tilt angle 16° 20° 20° 20°
Stirring direction Clockwise feeding, Counterclockwise Unloading
Max. load 2400kg 5000kg 3500L 7500Kg
Engine model YUNNEI 27GBZ YUNNEI 33GBZ YUNNEI Supercharged YUCHAI4105 Supercharged
Energy 55KW 65KW 76KW 85KW
Tyre 12-sixteen.5-12PR 750-16/twelve-sixteen.5  16/70-20 1200-R22.five
Travel speed 30KM 30km 30km 35km
Mini. turning radious 3.5m three.5m 4.5M four.5m
Water tank capacity 540L 280L 540L 850L
Total Weight 4500kg 6200kg 7600kg 8200kg
Overall Dimension 6000*2440*2460mm 6550*2270*2970mm 5770*2420*2900 5900*2900*3300mm


Model NS3200 NS4200 NS5000 NS5800
Mixing bucket capacity three.2cbm four.2cbm 5.0cbm five.8cbm
Max. load 5000Kg 7500Kg 7500Kg 10000Kg  
Engine model Yunnei YN33GBZ YUCHAI YCD4T22T-a hundred and five YUCHAI YCD4J22-a hundred and ten YUCHAI YCD4P22T-one hundred thirty
Electricity 65KW 78KW 85KW 95KW
Tyre 750-sixteen/12-sixteen.five 1670-20 1670-20 1680-20
Bridge Wheel deceleration Wheel deceleration Wheel deceleration Mixer dedicated bridge
Travel speed 30Km 30Km 30Km 30Km
Mini. turning radious three.5m 3.5m three.5m 5m
Water tank capacity 280L 532L 532L 612L
Total Weight 11080Kg 15100Kg 15100Kg 19800Kg
Overall dimension 6550*2270*2970mm 7000*2500*3250mm 7000*2500*3250mm 7220*2380*3460mm

one. CZPT torque motor
Adopting BM5 higher torque motor, the reducer is a realistic ratio of two-stage high torque and greater efficiency
2. Guy-sized radiator
Unbiased cooling program to make sure the manage of oil filtration good quality and temperature.
3. Double gear pump
Substantial force, not straightforward to dress in, boost the oil inlet and outlet to guarantee the flow of the entire equipment
4. Oilless bushing
Use oilless bearings, only want to inject butter once a year,use resistance is a hundred times that of normal sleeves.
five. Tubing
The whole vehicle’s oil pipe adopts the 24 °international standard H-kind joint, which has no oil leakage and oil leakage, and has a large movement.
six. CZPT axle
The driving shaft adopts medium and huge wheel facet bridge, which is stable Minimal working sounds.
seven. Gyroscope
The slewing bearing has a five-12 months warranty and makes use of a properly-known domestic gyrator (imported worm motor)
8. The electronic weighing program
The Load cells are performing on the drum and technical data are  displayed on the shovel loader weigher within  the taxi.Two sets of joystick management technique are situated on the two sides of driver’s seat.
9. Color Check
The procedure predicament from the 4 sides of equipment CZPT revealed clearly on the Coloration Keep track of, which boost the driving safety.


The generate factor is a worm. In buy to merge the wheel/worm into a worm gear, it have to be ensured that the heart distance is equal and the transmission ratio is equivalent. Center distances are obtainable from stock in tiny actions in between 17mm and 80mm. Each center distance has a number of gear ratios. Ep worm gears are suitable for the creation of worm drives with a shaft angle of 90°. Using a worm travel, really big reduction ratios (up to one hundred:1) can be reached.
china  Cost Excellent Quality Hydraulic Concrete Mixers with Winch manufacturers