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Our goods are applied in several fields. The new products include a series of substantial-tech and large quality chains and sprockets and gears, such as chains and gearboxes for agricultural machineries, metallurgical chains, escalator action-chains, substantial-speed tooth chains, timing chains, self-lubrication chains, amongst which have sort higher velocity tooth chain for car department dynamic box and aerial chains fill in the blanks of chain in China. With numerous years’ encounter in these lines, we have been distinguished from other suppliers in China by our rewards in competitive pricing, on-time delivery, prompt responses, on-hand engineering assist and great right after-revenue services. 2017 new fashion excl vertical drilling rig EPT for sale lparHF-44A rpar

I period of time EPT

HF-44A Core Drill comma a new kind of solution with improved capability comma is a variety of EPT-EPTn comma spindle comma diamond-bit comma modest-diameter main drill with fairly EPTful drilling drive period of time It is primarily suitable for exploration of steel or non-metal reliable EPTral ore mattress period of time It is commonly applied in main drill with diamond bit or hard tungsten-carbide-tipped little bit and diamond little bit in the discipline of geology comma metallurgy comma coal EPT comma hydrological and engineering drilling time period It can also be used in the fields of superficial-zone
petroleum and all-natural gas mining comma EPT workings air flow and h2o discharge tunnel drilling as properly as foundation EPT building in big diameter period It is in sensible construction comma gentle excess weight comma EPTful capability comma multiuse comma steady performance comma large obligation and large stXiHu (West Lake) Dis.Hu (West Lake) Dis.rdization and EPTization period

one rpar Core Drilling

Drill Rod Kinds Drill Rod Kind Drill Depth
Drill Rod Made in EPT Planer in and out dia43 times6mm lpar1 period69 times0 period24 inch rpar 1400 m lpar4592feet rpar
dia54 times6 mm lpar2 period13 times0 period24 inch rpar a thousand m lpar3280feet rpar
dia67 times6 mm lpar2 period64 times0 period24 inch rpar 830 m lpar2722feet rpar
Thickened Inner dia50 times5 period5 mm lpar1 period97 times0 period22 inch rpar 1300 m lpar4264feet rpar
dia60 times6 mm lpar2 period36 times0 period24 inch rpar 950 m lpar3116feet rpar

Extracting Main with

Wire Line

dia55 period5 times4 period73mm lpar2 period19 times0 period19inch rpar 1400 m lpar4592feet rpar
dia71 times5 mm lpar2 period80 times0 period20 inch rpar a thousand m lpar3280feet rpar
dia89 times5 mm lpar3 period50 times0 period20 inch rpar 800 m lpar2624feet rpar
lparDiamond Core Drill Manufacturer Association rpar
Drill Rod
Thickened Inner BW 1250 m lpar4100feet rpar
NW one thousand m lpar3280feet rpar
HW 660 m lpar2165feet rpar
Extracting Main with

Wire Line

BQ 1400 m lpar4592feet rpar
NQ 1100 m lpar3608feet rpar
HQ 750 m lpar2460feet rpar

two period Drilling Angel ~ to 360 deg

3 period of time EPT Motor
Electromotor Y225S~four 37KW lpar49 period62HP rpar 1480 r solmin
EPT engine Deutz F6L 912 82KW lpar110HP rpar 1500 r solmin

4 period Rotator

Variety colon Feeding with double oil cylinders EPT force comma rotating mechanically time period Spindle I periodD~93 mm lpar3 period66 inch rpar
Velocity of spindle colon

Speed of EPT eng time period lparr solmin rpar 1480 lparfor main drilling rpar
Good Lower Pace lparr solmin rpar eighty three comma 152 comma 217 comma 316
Optimistic Higher Velocity lparr solmin rpar 254 comma 468 comma 667 comma 970
Adverse Velocity lparr solmin rpar 67 comma 206

Max period of time torque of spindle~3 period2 KN middotm lpar2358 lbf middotft rpar
Spindle stroke~600 mm lpar23 period62 inch rpar
Max period lifting drive of spindle ~one hundred twenty KN lpar26976 lbf rpar
Max interval thrust of spindle~90 KN lpar25712 lbf rpar

five time period EPT

Kind planetary EPTing
Wire rope dia~17 period5 mm lpar0 period69 inch rpar or eighteen period5 mm lpar0 period73 inch rpar
Drum capacity for rope lpar170 kg solmm2 equal to 241839 lb solinch2 rpar ~ lpar17 period5mm metal wire rope rpar 110m lpar360 period8 ft rpar
lpar18 period5mm metal wire rope rpar 90m lpar295 period2 toes rpar Max time period lifting drive lparsingle rope rpar~forty five KN lpar10116 lbf rpar
EPT pace of the wire rope
EPT eng velocity 1000r solmin period47 semi period86 semi one period22 semi one period78 m sols lpar1 period54 semi two period82 semi 4 period00 semi five period84 ft sols rpar EPT eng speed 1500r solmin period70 semi one period29 semi one period84 semi 2 period68 m sols lpar2 period30 semi four period23 semi five period90 semi 8 period79 toes sols rpar EPT eng velocity 1700r solmin period805 semi one period485 semi two period12 semi three period08 m sols lpar2 period64 semi 4 period87 semi six period95 semi ten period10 toes sols rpar

6 period of time Clutch

Form colon Dry single chip friction clutch

seven period EPT

Form colon sliding EPT lpar4 speeds are good and one is adverse rpar period of time

8 period of time Oil EPT

Form colon One Gear EPT
Displacement ~32 plus12 L solmin lpar8 period5 plus3 period2 US Gallons solmin rpar
Working stress ~ to eight MPa lpar0~1160 psi rpar
Max interval force ~twelve MPa lpar1740 psi rpar

9 period Water Brake

Working velocity lparr solmin rpar ~700-800
Solitary rope compensational speed~three–eight m sols lpar9 period84–26 period2 toes sols rpar
Single rope compensational load~forty five KN lpar10116 lbf rpar

ten period Drill Body

Type sliding skids sort lparwith sliding foundation rpar
Drill backward stroke ~460 mm lpar18 period11 inch rpar

eleven period Proportions lparL timesW timesH rpar ~3030 times1100 times1890 mm lpar119 period3 times43 period3 times74 period4 inch rpar

twelve interval WeigEPT of drill lparwithout EPT device rpar ~about 2150 kg lpar4741 lb rpar

13 time period Max period weigEPT of dischargeable apparatus ~300 kg lpar662 lb rpar

Creation capability

We have more than fifty sets of processing equipment to make sure the top quality of our product comma which has proved deserving by our client aposs recognition interval And these equipments make certain huge production capacity and ample inventory period
We have all the little types in stock all 12 months EPT and the bigger ones ready inside of 15-30 da

Our Companies

EPT manager colonVincent Guo

EPT Site colonwww periodhanfagroup periodcom

  in Minsk Belarus  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 2019 New Style Vertical Drilling Rig Machine for Sale  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Minsk Belarus  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier 2019 New Style Vertical Drilling Rig Machine for Sale  manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler