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Drinking water wheel aerators for fish and prawn tradition

Motor CZPT Voltage Period Spot masking Weight Capability of oxygenation Sounds 20/40/40HC
2HP 380/410/
3 3300 M2 90KG 2.6KG/H ≤78
55/a hundred and twenty/140set

Our aerators have been handed exam by the CZPT CZPT Good quality Surveillance Inspection Heart of National Fishery. All the 9 quotas get to the contacting regular of SC/T6017-1999, amid which the oxygen transfer ability is 2.59kg (O2)/h,34.3% increased than the regular. CZPT effectiveness is  1.71kg (O2)/,36.8%greater than the normal.


4pcs PP Impeller, New PP, one hundred and one r/ min, 210mm x 640mm

3pcs HDPE Float, HDPE, 320mm x 190mm x 1760mm

1pc forged iron CZPT , With cooper wire substance, 4 poles

1pc forged iron Reducer, forged iron, ratio: 1: 14, arcuate-bevel equipment (can help save significantly electric power than outdated CZPT ).

1pc CZPT metal Body, 304SS, 1550mm x 765mm x 30 mm

1pc HDPE CZPT Include, HDPE

2pcs SS Transmission Shaft, 304SS, 25mm x 760 mm

2pcs Movable CZPT s, CZPT and SS

Working Principle:


When the motor begins running, impellers will rotate and touch water area, it will press air into h2o and as a result boost some oxygen in h2o.


The most value is the operating impellers can make enough water splash and sturdy h2o present. Massive volume of splash will consider air into drinking water and enrich naturally dissolved oxygen in water. Meantime, h2o waves and recent will eliminate damaging substances like ammonia, nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, and many others out of h2o and ultimately thoroughly clean drinking water.




Paddle Wheel Aerator is generally utilised in shrimp or fish ponds for rising dissolved oxygen and bettering the water′s quality, which can avert fish and shrimp from dying because of oxygen lack. Meantime, Paddle Wheel Aerator could enhance the fish and shrimp′s residing problems, enhance cultivation thickness and speed up the fish and shrimp′s growth. It is a essential device for aqua tradition.

Paddle Wheel Aerator can be employed both in refreshing drinking water and seawater aquaculture.

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The greatest transmission decision is when higher transmission reduction is necessary. A worm gear is related to a helical gear with a throat reduce to increase the outer diameter of the wheel. The throat permits the worm gear to wrap totally close to the threads of the worm. By reducing the threads on the worm fairly than the enamel, and by modifying the amount of threads, distinct ratios can be attained with out shifting the mounting arrangement. A unique characteristic of worm gears and worm equipment assemblies is their capacity to avoid reverse rotation.
china  supplier Water Wheel Aerators for Fish and Prawn Culture manufacturers