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Product Description

Introduction of CZPT Jh-5 Gradual CZPT Prop Pulling Winch for Traction Work

Prop pulling winch, also acknowledged as slow-speed winch, is utilized for pillar-returning and topping of coal mining confront in underground coal mines.Simply because of its minimal top and light-weight bodyweight, it is particularly appropriate for skinny coal seams and steeply inclined coal seam mining faces, as well as CZPT coal mining faces to recover metal pillars sunk into the floor or buried by gangue.JH sequence explosion-evidence prop pulling winches are mostly for underground prop pulling, transportation, positioning ground anchor, and chute shifting.
JH series prop pulling winch adopted spherical CZPT pair drive, compact composition, are symmetrically and rectangle arranged with the sledge-shaped chassis, smooth and adaptable for underground self-relocating.zmwm10

Parameter of Mining Jh-5 Sluggish CZPT Prop Pulling Winch for Traction Perform

JH-five JH-8 JH-14 JH-20 JH-thirty
Steel wire rope
regular static stress (KN)
fifty eighty 140 200 300
Steel wire rope (m/s)
common pace
.seventeen .twelve .a hundred and fifteen .118 .thirteen
Drum diameter* width (mm) 276* 372 280* 230 four hundred* 317 430* 530 550*560
rope capability (m) 80 one hundred one hundred thirty 170 220
Steel wire
diameter fifteen.five seventeen 21.5 24.5 thirty
development six* 19 six* 19 6* 19 six* 19 6* 19
nominal extension energy (M pa) 1550 1550 1550 1550 1570
Explosion proof
 Model YBJ7.5-four YBK2-160M-six YBK2-200L1-six YBK2-200L2-six YBK2-280S-4
Energy (KW) seven.five seven.five 18.5 22 forty five
Voltage (V) 380/660 380/660 380/660 380/660 380/660
Rotate velocity (r/min) 1450 970 970 970 980
Overall dimensions:
size* width* peak
1450* 512* 515 1550* 530* 570 1955* 680* 815 2560* 968* 797 3300*1077*1034
Winch bodyweight (such as motor) 620 650 1350 2600 4460


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Security PROVISIONS: Worm drives must not be utilised as a locking system to safe weighty objects, which may cause injuries or harm for the duration of reverse motion. In non-potentially hazardous applications, self-locking is required to prevent reverse rotation, and then a reduced-pitch one-threaded worm is employed to immediately lock the worm gear to avoid reverse rotation.
china  shop Mining Jh-5 Sluggish Speed Prop Pulling Winch for Traction Function manufacturers