china sales Custom Make Slewing Drive Bearing for Tower Crane Excavator Ball Bearing manufacturers

Product Description

Large top quality CZPT Load slewing travel slewing bearing SC25 for aerial operating platfrom and mounting crane, CZPT and crane

Model Slewing CZPT SC25 Manufacturer Corresun CZPT
Keeping Torque 158.3kN.m Tilting Second Torque 271kN.m
Self-locking Indeed Equipment Ratio 150:1
Outer Dia. 675mm Inner Dia. 565mm
Rated Output CZPT 1.5rpm Precison .17°
Static Axial Ranking 2360kN Static Radial Ranking 945kN

The slewing drive is a new type of slewing item, normally called slewing ring, which is generally composed of worm, slewing ring, housing, motor and other elements. Because the main factors are slewing bearings, they can simultaneously stand up to axial forces, radial forces, and overturning times. When compared with traditional rotary merchandise, the new slewing generate characteristics effortless installation, simple servicing and a better degree of set up place.

Single Row Four Point Contact Ball Slewing Bearingis composed of 2 seat rings.It features compact in design,and light in weight.The balls contact with the circular race at four points,via which the axial force,radial force and resultant moment may be born simultaneously.

It can be used for slewing conveyer, welding manipulator, light & medium duty crane, excavator, and other construction machinery, welding arms and positioners, light,medium duty cranes,excavators and other engineering machines.

The Single Row Crossed Roller Slewing Bearing  is composed of two searings. It features compact in design, light in weight,high precision and small fitting clearance.
As the rollers are 1:1cross arranged,it is suitable for high precision mounting and capable to bear axial force,resultant moment and considerable large radial force.

The solitary-row crossed roller Slewing Bearings are widely used for hoisting,transporting,engineering machines as well as for military products.

The Double Row Ball Slewing Bearing has three seat rings.The steel balls and the spacers may be directly arranged into the upper and lower races.Two rows of steel balls with different diameters are fitted according to the force bom.Such open mode fitting features extraordinary convenience.The load angles of both upper and lower races are 90°,which enable the bearing to bear large axial force and the tipping moment. When the radial force is larger than 1/10 of the axial force the races should be newly designed.

As the axle and the dimension of the double row ball slewing bearing are rather large,the bearing construction is sturdy ,hence it is especially suitable for tower cranes which require working radius over medium range,mobile cranes and loading and unloading machines

The Three Row Roller Slewing Bearing has three seatrings,which separate the upper,lower and radial races,via which the load of each row of the rollers may be specified.It may bear different loads simultaneously and its load capacity is the largest one among the four models.

Thanks to the large size of its axle and radius,it is sturdy and especially suitable for heavymachines which require large working radius.such as bucketwheel excavators,wheeled cranes,ship cranes,ladle turrets,heavy duty mobile cranes etc.

Mining machine, construction equipment, port hoisting machine, port oil transfer equipment, onshore and offshore crane, CZPT ,concrete machine, revolving grabbers and winches,plastic and rubber machine, weave machine, logging sector equipment, wind-electrical power generation,electronic power plant, water treatment method equipment, drilling gear and steering purposes.


Coresun CZPT Slewing CZPT , Slewing Ring Advantage

one. Coresun CZPT Slewing travel made with hourglass worm shaft which offers a lot more tooth make contact with and greater torque.

2. CZPT transmission effectiveness and accurate tracking

three. Straightforward set up and upkeep

four.Unique warmth therapy,corrosion resistance

5.We use framework oil sealing, so CZPT slewing drive has larger dustproof and waterproof

six.Coresun CZPT use 8 bolts on worm shaft, so it is a lot more robust

Coresun CZPT Slewing CZPT Generation Image

SC25 Slewing CZPT Slewing CZPT Worm Gear Software

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Ep Gear’s worm gears use appropriate-angle (90°) non-intersecting shafts to provide an successful remedy for power transmission programs requiring higher reduction ratios in confined areas. When appropriately utilized, worm gears give the smoothest and quietest kind of transmission. Because the efficiency of a worm push depends on the lead angle and the variety of stars on the worm – given that performance is always the goal, this ratio must be kept as lower as achievable. To perform properly, the worm and worm equipment used with each other should have the exact same diameter, pitch and thread.
china  sales Custom Make Slewing Drive Bearing for Tower Crane Excavator Ball Bearing manufacturers