china Cost Wire Rope Manual Hand Winch manufacturers

Solution Description

hand winch
one.Capacity: 550-1200kg
two.Check load: 8-17.64kN
three.Straightforward cease in any placement with self-lock
four.Multipurpose. CZPT ing, supporting and hauling products with hand-driver.
five.Safety and trustworthiness. Easy end in any position with self-lock.
six.Lubrication. Manufacturing facility lubrication ahead of packaging.
7.Optional drums. A few alternatives CZPT : single drum, break up drum or widened drum.
eight.Serial model. suit with diverse rated load.
9.Super efficiency. Forged worm with heat-handled equipment helps make the mechanism distinctive dependable and tough clean drive. Oil-retaining bushings or bearing for sleek drive.
10.Resilient surface complete. Powder-coated surface area furthermore zinc-plating for CZPT er corrosion resistance.


lbs lbs
ZHHW-one 600 900 φ4.2x10m 2¡±x7m 3.2:one 1way/1speed
ZHHW-two 800 1200 φ4.5x10m 2¡±x7m three.2:1 1way/1speed
ZHHW-three 1000 1500 φ4.5x10m 2¡±x7m four.1:1 1way/1speed
ZHHW-four 1200 1800 φ4.8x10m 2¡±x7m 4.1:1 1way/1speed
ZHHW-5 1400 2100 φ4.8x10m 2¡±x8m four.:one 1way/1speed
ZHHW-six 1600 2400 φ5.0x10m 2¡±x8m 4.:one 1way/1speed
ZHHW-seven 1800 2700 φ5.0x10m 2¡±x8m four:1/8:1 1way/1speed
ZHHW-8 2000 3000 φ5.0x10m 2¡±x8m four:1/8:one 1way/1speed
ZHHW-9 2500 3750 φ5.6x10m 2¡±x8m four:1/8:1 1way/1speed

Ep Gear’s worm gears use proper-angle (90°) non-intersecting shafts to give an efficient solution for electricity transmission purposes demanding high reduction ratios in confined spaces. When effectively applied, worm gears supply the smoothest and quietest form of transmission. Considering that the effectiveness of a worm travel is dependent on the guide angle and the variety of stars on the worm – given that efficiency is often the purpose, this ratio must be retained as reduced as achievable. To work properly, the worm and worm gear utilized jointly have to have the exact same diameter, pitch and thread.
china  Cost Wire Rope Manual Hand Winch manufacturers